Bed and Breakfast

The BnB of olympic lights Bed and Breakfast

At our Victorian Farm house we have an open meadow overlooking the sea and the Olympic Mountain range and that is what we have at our home. A feeling of warmth and an atmosphere of ease and caring.
All we ask is that you leave your cares at home and get he to San Juan. That is where Olympic Lights is located on the beautiful Island of San Juan.
On the island you will immediate appeal will be all of your senses being turned up to eleven.
Olympic Lights appeals to your spirit. At night the breeze off the straits and the sky with more stars than you have seen back at home. We want you, your family, and neighbors to watch the sunrise, make friends and watch the midnight moon.
We have been rated “The Best Places to Kiss” on the travel television series will be featuring our Inn on an segment of San Juan Island. It will go nationally in Canada on the Women’s Television Network (WTN) and aloso on the Discovery Channel in the United States. All of the hosts announced that we were rated a
/ out of 4 kisses. A rating that had never been given before. Christopher from told us that it was one of the best bed and breakfasts that he had ever been to in the United States.

We are a lodging member of the Bed & Breakfast Association of San Juan Island. For more information about San Juan Island, Please check out the San Juan Island Web Directory (it is a complete and comprehensive directory of websites about our island!) For inside information on activities, places to eat, to see, and to stay see the rest of olympiclightsbnb!